Clay enables ideas to form without them losing the history of their arrival.  I use it to reflect on the everyday processes of metamorphosis, the processes that we are immersed in and which we are vaguely aware of via the thin sensations of our experience. I like to think that clay enables me to fatten up those sensations so that my hands then give them form.

Most of these ceramic objects have arrived out of their own process of becoming, but they were also dreams and drawings and conversations before they became solid.

Each and every one of these objects can be traced back to some sort of conversation whether this was human/human, human/animal, human/vegetable or human/mineral, in fact the longer these conversations have gone on, the less difference I am aware of between other humans, animals, vegetables and minerals. These hand shaped minerals telling a story that will continue for long after my own story stops and is woven into other tales, but for now I hope these things can be used as allegorical doorways for other people’s tales.