Votive Cards as Story Prompts

Because of covid restrictions these cards, originally designed to play with someone else who would help you tell a story about yourself and your aches and pains, are now resurrected as a click and see game. First of all you need to click the red shuffle button and behind the static images of the backs of the pack, magical shuffling will take place, then once you have done that, you can click on the cards and reveal the new order that has been shuffled into place in order to see your future possibilities for change.

Think about the three cards that have been revealed and focus on them. The cards are to help you approach ‘change’, so read the text next to each card and think about how a story could be spun out from the initial images that you see. In order to help you there is a red ‘read more’ button underneath each of the three cards, this might help kick start the story for you, especially if you are stuck.

Don’t try and tell lots of stories, it’s better to think carefully and deliberately about what the cards might mean and slowly open out a narrative about change, than to keep shuffling and hoping for a ‘good deal.’