As an artist I make allegories. I have stories to tell and sometimes they arrive on their own and sometimes they need shaping and polishing. The work reflects the fact that drawing is at the centre of my practice. The shadows and traces of hand thinking, a working process, that I believe links all drawing practices back into pre-history.

Recent work includes responses to walks through local communities, the continuing influence of the Western, reflections on domestic habits and loss of memory, both personal and collective and perhaps above all the fact that my dreams inhabit a particular landscape that I used to play in during the 1950s in Dudley which was then in Worcestershire. The caves and rocky outcrops that I remember are now fenced off from the public due to the possible dangers of falling rocks. However in the 1950s health and safety hadn’t been invented, and danger was part of the poetry of growing up.

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Images taken from various stories and sketchbooks