Aphorisms for young artists

A meditation on Twitter as a medium for practice. @garrybarker3

Aphorisms for young artists is an attempt to make sense of Twitter as a medium to work within. I have spent the last 40 years working in an art college passing on my thoughts and suggestions as to how young artists might develop their practices, I have therefore decided to use this experience as a resource and am making up short aphorisms relating to the various issues I have come across over the years. The more I write the more they become like poetry.

2011: Remember, you can’t separate art from science; your school curriculum was based on a lie.

At some point these thoughts will be collected together but so far they have just been used to fill the 365 spaces that are found in yearly calendars. The gaps that are usually reserved for birthdays and holidays, being filled by condensed thoughts, designed to lighten the mood or set the teeth for the coming day. The random nature of their appearance on this page being a way of sampling their flavour, you will quickly find out if they are to your taste.

1296: ‘Tethered dog ‘ is the name for a specific colour, mix it today.

1906: Sometimes you will need to erase the boundary between looking and feeling.

1154: Sometimes we treat artworks as if they are like humans; that’s weird.