Aphorisms for young artists

A meditation on Twitter as a medium for practice. @garrybarker3

Aphorisms for young artists is an attempt to make sense of Twitter as a medium to work within. I have spent the last 40 years working in an art college passing on my thoughts and suggestions as to how young artists might develop their practices, I have therefore decided to use this experience as a resource and am making up short aphorisms relating to the various issues I have come across over the years. The more I write the more they become like poetry.

1619: Remember language is learnt by repetition. Make more of the same thing art!


I will add to these and at the end of each year publish cheesy calendars, but in the meanwhile here is a random sample for your entertainment:

2478: When writing about drawing you have to slow time down.

475: Sometimes you need to close the doors of perception in order to see.

2085: Cultivate responsibility; it will help you grow as an artist.