Workshop Press Publications available

The Workshop Press also publishes books. These are mainly artist's books, poetry or texts that don't fall under easily definable categories. One thread that links them together is an interest in narrative and how a visually driven story unfolds. The Workshop Press launched in November 2011. ISBN numbers have been allocated and registration as a publisher completed. Several books are already available and others are in the editing stage.

To print long runs is expensive and often leads to the pulping of many unsold copies, Workshop Press operates using on-line book publishing services, such as 'Blurb' so that individual copies of books published can be ordered over the internet. Workshop Press will design and type-set the books, as well as deal with proofing and registration issues. On publication all books receive an ISBN number and hard copies are lodged with the British Library at Boston Spa, as well as the main British Library, Bodleian Oxford, Trinity Dublin and other appropriate repositories.

See links below if you are interested in looking at books available or buying. 

Books available:

G J Barker

Western World

50 trading cards made to the same format as 1940s cigarette cards. Images of a cowboy myth with poetic reflections on the Iraq wars.


Garry Barker, Michael Belshaw, Joanna Geldard, Richard Miles, Tom Palin

Readings in a Rumour of the End of Art

Conversations on the imminent end of art as we know it.


G J Barker

Art and Fiction

An artist's book about art and artists in fiction.

One thousand books that have art or artists as their subject are described and between each alphabetical section is inserted a short art mini fiction.


G J Barker

The Phantom of Capital

A book of poetic prose, about a dog, Marx and the problem with art and political thinking.


G J Barker

Wits Breath Edion

Poetry gathered from the streets of Chapeltown, a photographic narrative.


G J Barker


An illustrated fable


G J Barker

This is not an Oracle

A book of poetry, about politics, history, making art and cowboys


Tom Palin

Artist Statements

One hundred and twenty-three statements on memory, intention and place, a material and temporal understanding of both the practice and object of painting.


Cecilia Espinosa de Cusan

Del Amor y sus Laberintos

A book of poetry written in Spanish as a reflection on the death of her husband by the Colombian poet Cecilia Espinosa de Cusan.